Reiki for Pets

The natural stress reducer for Your Beloveds


Your cat is crazy. Your dog’s depressed. The hamster can’t stop spinning. And the parakeet keeps pooping.

Reiki for Pets   to the rescue!

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that your pets will love.

It’s a subtle, gentle, and noninvasive technique that is usually given through a light touch of the hands or from a short distance away. Today, Reiki is even used in hospitals to help both patients and staff de-stress.

Reiki for Pets is a specially designed, animal-friendly session that can help bring calm, balance, and sometimes full healing to your trans-human loved ones.

Initial sessions include an intake about your pet’s problem, and about 10 minutes of Reiki, if the pet   can sit still. About 20 minutes of Reiki is offered to the pet’s companion - you! What is most effective - and pleasurable - is when you hold your pet and receive Reiki together! Nothing is more pleasurable!

But why a joint session for Pet and Companion?

Because pets don’t have therapists.

Dog whisperers, like Cesar Milan, have often noted the synergy between pets and their companions. That’s because animals often absorb the anxious feelings of those around them. Many times house pets are the perfect mirror of what’s going on in their environment.

Pamela Bloom, founder of REIKI for PETS, has the proven ability to intuit the connection between pet and companion and can provide the kind of natural healing energy that brings peace and calm resolution.



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